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By Tiffani | November 26, 2020

ELITE URBANITE’S WORKOUT PLAYLIST I know… I know… working out is probably the last thing you want to hear about. But with the holidays coming up, AND coronavirus still going on, it’s important to not pack on too many pounds. Regardless of losing weight (that’s truly up to you and your preference, nobody’s here to … Continue reading “ELITE URBANITE’S WORKOUT PLAYLIST”


By Tiffani | October 28, 2020

ELITE URBANITE’S SPOOKY PLAYLIST IT’S ALMOST THAT TIME!!! I have ALWAYS loved Halloween. I’m not even that big of a candy person, I love it purely for the campy-ness and fun nature of the holiday. I must say, I certainly did not think I would still be inside for Halloween, but here we are. Nevertheless, … Continue reading “ELITE URBANITE’S SPOOKY PLAYLIST”

Black Girl Magic Costumes

By Tiffani | October 24, 2020

BLACK GIRL MAGIC COSTUMES I’ll never forget when I was in the 3rd or 4th grade, I was playing Power Puff Girls at a friends house and we were choosing which one we wanted to be. I always loved Buttercup, because she was a badass, so I said “I call being Buttercup”… then before I … Continue reading “Black Girl Magic Costumes”


By Tiffani | October 21, 2020

COMMUNITY COLORS It’s 2020 and we’re still fucking concerned about skin tones. With George Floyd’s death there was such an outpour of emotions and sympathy towards the black community. Unsurprisingly just a few short months later, we’re back to where we were. Actually more like one step forward, a million steps back. Of course we’ve … Continue reading “COMMUNITY COLORS”

Elite Urbanite’s Favorite Movies

By Tiffani | October 17, 2020

Elite Urbanite’s Favorite Movies Anytime I meet new friends, co-workers, or even when I go on dates, the common ice breaker is “what is your favorite movie?” For years I didn’t know what the answer was, because honestly there are so many movies that I haven’t seen. No particular reason other than the fact that … Continue reading “Elite Urbanite’s Favorite Movies”

How to Be a Boss

By Tiffani | October 14, 2020

HOW TO BE A BOSS From a young age, my mother would always encourage me to speak and walk with confidence. This was always something she had been adamant because her mother did the same for her, as did her mother before that. So naturally this is a characteristic that has been instilled in me … Continue reading “How to Be a Boss”


By Tiffani | October 9, 2020

CREAMISTRY It’s the weekend so you know what that means! Time to treat yo’ self! Unfortunately with this lockdown, most things have been closed. Actually, just today I tried to get some Creamistry, turns out it’s still closed. Someone needs to explain these lockdown rules to me because… Anyways, Creamistry is not just your ordinary … Continue reading “Creamistry!”

Style & The City

By Tiffani | October 7, 2020

Style & The City My ultimate guilty pleasure is the 2000’s HBO smash hit Sex and The City!  Sometimes Carrie makes me roll my eyes a bit or shout at my screen, but at the end of the day I admire these four women and (not all… but MOST of) their views on men, dating, … Continue reading “Style & The City”

Look Out for Green Flags!

By Tiffani | October 5, 2020

Look Out for Green Flags! When getting to know someone, we find ourselves feverishly trying to read between the lines and point out red flags. Sometimes we’re too busy trying to find out what someone’s flaws are, that we ignore all of the GOOD qualities they have to offer. I like to call these GREEN … Continue reading “Look Out for Green Flags!”

TOM’s Flagship Store & Coffee Shop

By Tiffani | October 3, 2020

TOM’s Flagship Store & Coffee Shop As a broke college student, living on campus on the weekends were rough. When my friend and I needed to escape the stressful school environment, we would hit up Abbot Kinney. If you’re looking for a cool place to unwind, and want a change of scenery, TOM’s Flagship Store … Continue reading “TOM’s Flagship Store & Coffee Shop”