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By Tiffani | August 2, 2020

BLACK IS KING I am still blown away by Beyonce’s visual album, BLACK IS KING, on Disney Plus. If you haven’t watched it yet… stop what you’re doing and go watch it right now! Beyonce never misses (obviously, she is perfection). The mixture of stunning visuals, upbeat music, and celebration of black culture makes for … Continue reading “BLACK IS KING”

My Body Feels like a Prison, Not a Temple

By Tiffani | August 1, 2020

My Body Feels like a Prison, Not a Temple Women’s bodies are constantly under scrutiny. Whether we’re slightly overweight or like to show it off, society always has something to say. Because of this, I’ve never really been comfortable with my body. For years I’ve been told to appreciate my curves. All the girls in … Continue reading “My Body Feels like a Prison, Not a Temple”

The Remix: Hip-Hop x Fashion (Netflix)

By Tiffani | July 30, 2020

THE REMIX: Hip-Hop x Fashion (NETFLIX) I’m BAFFLED as to why more people are not talking about The Remix: Hip-Hop x Culture on Netflix. I mean I know why, but like c’mon! The world is so obsessed with black culture they never want to appreciate it, but rather appropriate it. Ugh! I can go on … Continue reading “The Remix: Hip-Hop x Fashion (Netflix)”

Being Black + Private School = Lifetime of Depression

By Tiffani | July 29, 2020

Being Black + Private School = A Lifetime of Depression I attended two separate Private Schools on Long Island, NY. From First to Fifth grade I attended Portledge School, a very small school with maybe thirty to fifty kids in each graduating class. I actually liked Portledge, everyone was kind for the most part and … Continue reading “Being Black + Private School = Lifetime of Depression”

Badass Black Women You Should Be Following

By Tiffani | July 28, 2020

BADASS BLACK WOMEN YOU SHOULD BE FOLLOWING We all use social media everyday. Most of the time we see nothing but hateful statements and toxic influencers. Every time I log onto Instagram I see some Karen attacking a Walmart employee or some “model” selling Flat Tummy Tea as if the world wasn’t in complete f*cking … Continue reading “Badass Black Women You Should Be Following”

Ditch Your Fake Friends

By Tiffani | July 27, 2020

DITCH YOUR FAKE FRIENDS “You in danger girl” – The Queen, Whoopi Goldberg Just because that person is always around you, doesn’t mean they’re really your friend. Sure they may like to party with you and tell you alllll about their so-called problems, but do they even know your middle name? People are quick to … Continue reading “Ditch Your Fake Friends”

Is Monogamy Dead?

By Tiffani | July 26, 2020

IS MONOGAMY DEAD? Well I certainly hope not! But it sure seems like it is. I don’t really get out much. Before the pandemic I was always working and then was busy trying to keep my life together on the weekends. As a result of that, online dating has been my only option. Throughout the … Continue reading “Is Monogamy Dead?”

Quarantine Fashion Looks!

By Tiffani | July 25, 2020

QUARANTINE FASHION LOOKS We are in month 227 of this quarantine because nobody wants to wear a mask in the United States. If you are like me, you’re tired of wearing the same four outfits. (Sweatpants, leggings, sometimes mix a pair of shorts in there, or an old rusty t-shirt from 2005). I’ve purchased so … Continue reading “Quarantine Fashion Looks!”

OOMPH Kickboxing + Fitness APP

By Tiffani | July 24, 2020

OOMPH KICKBOXING + FITNESS APP Once my initial fears of the pandemic began to subside, I started wondering how on earth I would stay fit now that the gyms are closed. I tried a few different apps, but honestly they all were a bit dated. Fitness is important to me not just for physical reasons, … Continue reading “OOMPH Kickboxing + Fitness APP”

Low Maintenance Natural Hairstyles

By Tiffani | July 23, 2020

Low Maintenance Natural Hairstyles During this quarantine it’s pretty hard to keep up with a daily hair routine. I personally love to rock box braids all year round because my hair is a lot to deal with. But for others who like to cut and style their hair, not being able to go to the … Continue reading “Low Maintenance Natural Hairstyles”