Boss B* Highlight: Oluchi Vintage!


Hello Urbanites! As you’ve seen before, I’ve interviewed fellow boss ladies about their ever growing companies, being that we are still in Women’s History Month, I’m highlighting another black and female owned company, Oluchi Vintage! I have been wanting to get into thrifting for a long time, but I could never quite find anything that fit my style, that is, until I came across this brand! I went ahead and bought myself this super cute purple jacket that I cannot WAIT to wear out and about when the world is 100% safe to inhabit once again!

Cynthia Alozie has curated her upscale thrift brand, Oluchi Vintage, using her distinct fashion sense and eye for statement pieces. She has been featured in Teen Vogue, Nylon, and even offers her own styling services! She combined her love for fashion and marketing to turn her thrifting past time into a full time business, what a bad@zz! Learn more about her and her brand below. Also, follow @oluchivintage on Instagram and check out her website and upgrade your wardrobe ASAP!

1. Who do you draw most of your style inspiration from? (Are there any specific celebrities, tv shows/movie characters?) 

I get most of my style inspiration from old pictures of my mom in the 80s and 90s. She loves wearing quality fabrics that are easy to wear and maintain, like cotton and linen. And she’s a lawyer so she wears a lot of suits. Seeing how she has been able to keep items in her wardrobe for over 20 years really inspired me to focus on collecting pieces to have in my forever wardrobe.

2. What are your top three favorite pieces or outfits that you’ve sold? 

I LOVE a good two piece set and this lemon lime set was such a great find!

I’m obsessed with this vintage fringe leather jacket I found last month. I live in Texas and I’d been on the lookout for a vintage fringe jacket for over 2 years. when I saw this I bought one for myself and bought as many as I could find for the shop and it’s been nice to see my customers love it as much as I do!

I’m also a big fan of skirt suits. I love this fuchsia set so much for the vibrant color and how it’s paired with a pleated skirt. So cute!

3. What has been the highlight of building your brand thus far? 

So far the highlight has definitely been being able to make the transition from selling part time to having this shop be my full time job. I really never set out to run Oluchi vintage full time. I actually have a marketing background and was set to go into consulting. So I feel blessed that I get to wake up each day, own my time, and do something I truly love.

4. In what ways would you like to see your brand grow in the next five years? 

Wow this is a big question! In five years I would hope that I am still loving what I do, and I’d like to possibly see my product offerings extend to include vintage home decor!

5. Lastly, what advice would you give other black women who want to start a business of their own? 

I’d encourage them to try to find creative ways to use their gifts and talents to serve others. Starting a business is always going to feel scary and having moments of doubt is a part of the process–but if you’re doing something that’s true to you, you’ll always be able to overcome those feelings to keep pressing forward. I believe that’s how we begin to live in purpose and align ourselves with what we were put on this earth to do.

Sis is preaching! Well there you have it, miss Cynthia is a woman with a plan. We love to see it! Once again, check out her vintage thrift brand Oluchi Vintage via her instagram (@oluchivintage) or her website to purchase (