Ozzy’s Pet Playlist


If you know me, you know that there’s not many things I love more than my LITTLE OZZY! I’ve had a few dogs throughout my life, and I hate to play favorites, but Ozzy is the best dog I’ve ever had. When my first dog of my own passed, I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to get a dog that was replaceable. Of course, my little cool, calm, and collected Chuck will always have a special place in my heart, but there’s no dog quite like Mr. Ozzy!

Because he’s be around humans his entire two years of life that’s all he knows, so he doesn’t even try to get along with other dogs. Plus this little 8 lb rebel will pounce at pit bulls and german shepherds all for the sake of protecting his momma. Not the best idea, but greatly appreciated. Even though he loves to run around and cause trouble, he’s still a lovable little mush who loves having fun, just like his mommy!

That being said, Spotify has this great thing called pet playlists! You describe your pets temperament, then they generate a playlist based on your music taste and your dogs personality. To nobody’s surprise, Ozzy’s is a great mix of vibey bops and turn up tracks. Not going to lie “Your Adorable Beast” by Bobby Bare Jr. almost made me cry. Take a listen below and make one for your own little furry friend!

Elite Urbanite’s X-mas Playlist


Y’all it’s been a tough year… I mean words can’t describe all the stupid shit I’ve been through. IG changed it’s policies making it more difficult for me to build my brand the way I’d like to, I talked to a guy for months, who ended up being a selfish fucking twat, I’ve been out of a job since March like most, but I mean… Christmas is finally here so… yay?

Idk, Halloween is more my jam. I’ve never really been big on Christmas. Not to sound like a freaking Hallmark movie, but I feel like people really miss out on the true meaning of the holiday. People think by getting their “loved ones” a new Bentley Truck or a Birken bag, somehow they’ll forget about all the stupid shit they did the other 364 days of the year. Or people spend a shitload of money on a Peloton or useless Apple products like an iPad that don’t even end up getting used after 3 months.

I love getting people gifts that are actually useful. Like last year, I got my mom a Click and Grow Smart Garden, where she can grow and make her own mint and basil cause she had been talking about how much she wanted to grow her own garden but never had the time. Christmas to me should be a reflection of your observation about the people around you and your capability to understand what they might need at that time or something that would be really meaningful to them. People always think my dad wants some sort of masculine gift like golf balls or cigars, but I know deep down inside he’s just a big kid so I often get him some sort of Star Wars or Superman memorabilia cause I know he’ll really appreciate it.

Now that I sound like the fucking grinch, I guess I should say a few positive things LOL… I do love Christmas music! Not the old funky white man songs or the corny ass Pentatonic songs you hear in Macy’s. I love a good mix of the classics for sentimental reasons, as well as some of the newer Christmas songs that artists of all different genres have created. That being said, take a look at my list of Christmas songs below if you wanna hear some new and exciting Christmas bops!



I know… I know… working out is probably the last thing you want to hear about. But with the holidays coming up, AND coronavirus still going on, it’s important to not pack on too many pounds. Regardless of losing weight (that’s truly up to you and your preference, nobody’s here to judge ya!) working out is always a good mood booster!

When I workout, I love to feel like I’m at a party. Check out my workout playlist below!



IT’S ALMOST THAT TIME!!! I have ALWAYS loved Halloween. I’m not even that big of a candy person, I love it purely for the campy-ness and fun nature of the holiday. I must say, I certainly did not think I would still be inside for Halloween, but here we are. Nevertheless, it’s important to make the best of it.

I will be having my family over to celebrate the best day of the year. I’m going to make some sweet treats and have my movie marathon prepared, my personal choice is “The Shining”. However, we can’t have a party without good music! So I’ve curated my own little ~spooky~ playlist to enhance the festivities, check it out below!

Amoeba Music

Amoeba Music

I finally went to Amoeba music after wanting to go for months. I originally posted this in May of 2019, now just over a year later this location has been shut down. It’s so disappointing that the asshole in charge doesn’t care about small businesses whatsoever. I recall an outlandish statement he made at the beginning of this quarantine, he (I don’t even want to give 45 the decency of calling him a “he”, rather than an “it”) said that places will open back up, but they might be owned by someone else. How disgusting… these people have built their businesses from the ground up, even went into debt, and were forced to shut down due to YOUR bullshit. Easily one of the most elitist and pretentious comments I’ve heard (and that says a LOT)! Yes, I know they simply moved locations, but the Sunset Boulevard store was so iconic and really meant so much to people who have spent their whole lives in LA or even music heads who stopped by while in town. Read below about my (what would technically be my last) experience going to Amoeba Music on Sunset Boulevard! 


Yes, I know I’m late to the party but I’m glad I finally went! Amoeba Music is a record store located on Sunset Boulevard. There are many other Amoeba locations around California, but the original location opened up in 1990, on Telegraph Avenue up in Berkeley, California. I happened to go on “Star Wars” Day, so all of the Star Wars items were on sale! I got myself a poster of the Japanese release of A New Hope (*update, this is currently hanging in my apartment!), and for my brothers birthday I got him an ASAP Rocky candle (like a spoof of those tacky Jesus candles), and a box set collectors item of The Big Lebowski (because I am THE best sister).

There is SUCH an extensive collection of vintage music, movies, posters, and art from all different genres and decades. I wasn’t even sure where to begin! It was also quite nostalgic to be in there because I remember actually buying CD’s to put in my boombox and disc-man. My mom also felt nostalgic when she saw 8-track records and Vinyl’s that my grandma used to play around the house. I was able to find a few cool items, but I felt as though there was so much to discover. Though this iconic location has permanently closed it’s doors, I’m excited to check out the new spot on Hollywood Boulevard, opening in Fall 2020! 

Time Out, Vibe Out


We’re in month a trillion of quarantine, and somehow the world is still getting crazier and crazier everyday. Often times, music helps me disconnect from the world. When the world feels like it’s too much, sometimes you just need to give yourself a time out, and vibe out.

Turn off your phone, stop reading the news, and vibe out to my playlist below!

Ladies Only


Cardi B’s new single featuring Megan Thee Stallion has really shaken up the world! Plenty of women are seeing it as empowering and relieving to hear women talk about what they want in the bedroom. On the other hand, conservatives are trying to get the song banned. I saw a post on instagram that said “If your p**sy is dry just say that”, and I mean seriously… what is the big deal? People like this want to act like their so innocent but then are into dressing like furries, bdsm, or some bizarre sh*t like that. Even men are complaining about the raunchiness of the song, meanwhile they’re on tinder looking for girls with W.A.P.’s.

SO in the spirit of all the hoopla, I made this playlist full of some of the raunchiest songs made by the best female rappers in the past, present, and future. LADIES… put on this playlist and let your freak flag fly, because if the men can do it, why can’t we?! Check it out below!



In my 25 years of life, summer has always been an important time for my family. There are so many birthdays and holidays between May and August that we end up having BBQ’s every other weekend. Everyone knows the most important part of a black BBQ (besides the potato salad) is… THE MUSIC! Somehow, I am always appointed as the DJ. So being that we weren’t able to get together in person, I took song requests via text!

Kick your feet up (like my fabulous Grammy in that photo above), and check out my “Sounds of Summer” playlist below!

(FYI, it’s a long playlist… the Rooney/Johnson clan goes hard!!!)

Side bar… I need to know why and how my grandma still looks like that 25 years later and why I’ve aged about 15 years in quarantine. *sigh*