My Reduction Story


February 8th, 2021 was the day my life changed forever. Every little girl dreams about growing up and growing into their figure. Even as adults, women run to plastic surgeons offices to get a pair of bouncy double D’s. But not this gal.

I never really felt comfortable with my curvy figure to begin with. As a kid, I loved staying active. I would go fishing with my dad, play sports with friends, go swim in the backyard. But once I started developing at a young age I felt uncomfortable with myself. Even in the locker room, other girls would comment on the fact that I was wearing a bra in the 5th grade. Nobody would say anything bad, in fact they were envious! But being the center of attention for something I couldn’t control was very uncomfortable.

Part of this, was because I was diagnosed with something called “Precocious Puberty” when I was around six years old. Which meant my body was developing much quicker than necessary. Every month I would have to get a big ass needle shot into my thigh to slow my body’s development down. I’m sure most girls would have loved to come into their body and develop hips and thighs, but that was never me. I felt as though I was robbed of a certain aspect of life.

By time I got to middle school, I was around a C up. From what I can remember, I was one of the only girls who had grown out of a training bra at the age of f*cking 12! Sure as an adult a C up is great, but what is a 13 year old supposed to do with those? Also, this was before IG and TikTok, when teenagers still looked and acted like teenagers. My momma didn’t raise a little fast ass, so all my outfits made sure not to accentuate my figure.

The older I got, the larger my boobs continued to grow. For years I wore baggy t-shirts and sweatshirts, mostly because clothes weren’t made for shapely girls. As much as I wanted to wear cute little crop tops, tank tops, or strapless dresses, I just physically couldn’t. Fast forward to my twenties, the prime time of your life where you’re supposed to go out on the town and feel your hottest. Well, I honestly felt my worst. My breast had grown to be TRIPLE D’S! Obviously, I couldn’t work out as much as I used to without being in pain for months, I couldn’t dress in the cute outfits everyone else was wearing, I even avoided the beach because I haven’t been comfortable in a bikini since I was 4 years old.

For years I had wanted to get a breast reduction, but my parents thought it was purely for cosmetic reasons, when in reality I just wanted to me myself again and enjoy life. I would casually joke about how annoying my chest were, but would be told that it’s just our genetics so I’d have to deal with it. Then one day last summer, I finally told my mom that I was miserable feeling the way I did and that I KNOW for a fact that I would feel much better if I got a reduction. What helped drive my point forward, was that two of my close friends had gotten breast reductions too. And their lives almost immediately turned around for the better! New jobs, new boyfriends, new outfits, and an overall better outlook on life. To my surprise, my mom finally understood where I was coming from and told me to go for it. Now, I knew the one that would really need convincing was my dad. Because I know him so well, I did all the research and planning first, and waited to tell him a few weeks ahead of my surgery date. Of course, he tried to talk me out of it, but after decades of misery not even Oprah herself would be able to convince me not to do this.

Though I was excited to finally get this done, I was not excited to have to go under the knife. Based on my past experiences I mentioned earlier, I have never been a fan of the doctor because it always came with a negative connotation. Every time I’d go to the doctor I’d discover there was something wrong with me, or they’d tell me I was “overweight” so from then on I always assumed the worst. In addition to that, I feared that something would go wrong with my surgery, or that something would happen to me while I was under anesthesia. But luckily, my whole reduction experience was exceptionally smooth.

One thing that was important to me was finding a female doctor. I read way too many horror stories about male doctors not giving women the size they wanted. Just the other day actually Sharon Stone talked about how a male doctor gave her bigger breast than she asked for. I mean how fucking traumatic! So not only did she not like her results, she had to go under the knife AGAIN which is extremely risky. I find it ironic because though male doctors can do all the research they want, they’ll never understand what it feels like do be a woman. They might know what they like to see on a woman, but they’ll never be able to understand the emotional and physical aspects of having you like to see in the mirror. This was something I had to explain to my own dad too.

Through my insurance, I came across about THREE female doctors. But only name stuck out to me. Dr. Charlotta La Via was the only doctor I had a consultation with. As I said before, all my doctors appointments typically end with a negative outcome. I remember when I had my tumor, I had to go to three different doctors just to find out what it even was! So I assumed the same thing would happen here. I’m so glad I was wrong. I told Dr. La Via why I was there and what I wanted the outcome to be, a better overall feeling about myself and life in general. And she completely understood! She actually was the one who told me I was a DDD cup, all this time I thought I was still in the DD range. Looking back that makes so much more sense. I of course came in there with a baggy sweatshirt, so when I undressed and showed her the goods she was in awe! She told me I had such a nice figure and it was about time I went out there and showed it off. And I wholeheartedly agreed!

The next hurdle was the cost, there was some confusion with one of the women at the front desk with how much my insurance would cover. Because I was going from a DDD to B cup, the overall cost of the surgery was going to be $15k. That of which I only have in my dreams. Though my insurance gave me a rough estimate of around $2-3k, I was still fearful that I would have to blow my whole savings. Girl… the surgery only ended up costing $705 after insurance!!! Imagine if I wouldn’t have just gone for it?! I would have been pissed.

Another thing I don’t enjoy is sitting around doing “nothing”. So I was eager to get up and move as soon as I got home from surgery. Although a few days later I was like oh shit, THERE’S the pain! Luckily the recovery time went by pretty quickly. Six weeks sounds like a lot, but it’s really just to assure there aren’t any complications. I was fine to get up and move around on my own after about three weeks.

I also feel like the timing of it all was meant to be. I had been scheduled to start a new job March 2020, but unfortunately due to the pandemic those plans were put on hold. I assumed the company would eventually move on and find someone new. But when I reached out one last time, they said they were finally able to hire me within that next month, March 2021.

I’m such a strong believer in fate and that the stars align for a greater purpose, so I feel like it was my destiny to get this done at this specific point in time. We’re still in a pandemic, so life isn’t fully 100%, but I feel so much happier now that I can enjoy life again. I’m part of the itty bitty titty committee and I couldn’t be prouder. I haven’t been a B cup since I was in the fifth grade… I feel like little Tiffani again! I’m able to workout and not be in unnecessary pain, I wore a cute strapless dress to easter dinner, and while I’m still single, I’m much more confident going on dates now! If you’re considering getting a breast reduction I say GO FOR IT! You’ll regret all the time you spent considering not doing it.

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