Elite Urbanite Tries Something New: Rage Ground

Elite Urbanite Tries Something New: Rage Ground

Remember when we were allowed outside? Me either. There are still a few things I do remember prior to the pandemic. One of them being my time at Rage Round! For my birthday, I often like to something I’ve never done before. I feel like I can go out and party any other day so why spend my special day not doing necessarily, well, special.

Though I’m turning 27 this year, one of the best birthdays I had was my 25th back in 2019. As a Sagittarius, I’ve got a lot of anger in me. So sometimes I’m in the mood to just smash shit! So Rage Ground was the perfect place to release some tension!

When you go to the website to book your ticket, you can choose from several different options. You can have a session as short as 20 minutes, or even one that’s over an hour long. I even saw that they recently added a paint splatter session as well as a car smashing session!

Before you get to smashin’, you’re given a coverall suit, thick contractor gloves, and some protective face gear. Then you’re guided back into the room, where the only two rules are don’t hit each other and don’t hit the walls. Once you’re squared away, they turn the metal mayhem music up and you get to breaking stuff within the allotted time!

With the stressful year and a half we all experienced, I feel like the like Rage Ground is not only a great stress reliever but also a fun place to make memories. If you’ve been in the mood to punch someone in the face during these “unprecedented times” like I have, Rage Ground is the perfect place to go!

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