Elite Urbanite Tries Something New: Monk Fish!


Alright y’all. So if you saw my most recent instagram reel you’ll see that I finally visited the farmers market by my apartment here in Studio City! Of course, I’ve been to farmers markets before, but prevented me from visiting the one closest to me! When I was living with my folks in Calabasas, there was one close to them as well, but it was pretty “limited” (read as bougie).

Just like the city itself, the selections at the Studio City Farmers Market are so diverse! There were foods and treats of all different origins, and the best part is that there was actual FOOD! So many farmers markets now are all about “products” like selling jewelry and what not. I got fresh fruits and juices of course, but I also got an empanada and some thing called “Monk Fish”.

So for starters I’ve never heard of a fucking Monk fish in my life! I intended on trying the sea bass, because I wanted to try something new (naturally) and asked a few people on the line what would be best to start off with. Wouldn’t you know the lady in front of me ordered the last batch of sea bass!!! Like girl why tell me to try it then. Smh.

So, I asked the guy at the stand what he suggested and he told me to try out “the poor man’s lobster”, aka Monk fish. It is given this name due to it’s similar consistency to lobster meat. The meat that you see above comes from the tail of the fish, so this sucker must’ve been HUGE. Though in recent times, it has become more of a delicacy, Monk fish was the preferred option for people who wanted lobster but unfortunately couldn’t afford it.

For something that ended up being SO tasty it was a rather skin crawling experience to get to the finish line. First off, I never should have googled the monk fish LOL. And because I had to look at it, now you do too! CLICK HERE IF YOU DARE. I had a totally different picture of what it looked like in my head. I thought it was a pretty little chunky fish like Rainbow fish. Boy was I wrong.

When I took it out of the plastic bag to clean off, this son of a bitch still had a fin attached to it! The picture below is me being horrified and Ozzy being concerned for my well being. I’m still shaking. At the end of the day it was pretty tasty though. I had it with a baked potato on the side and drizzled some garlic olive oil – also purchased at the farmers market – on the fish once it was done cooking. Though it was tasty, I kept getting flash backs of it swimming through the ocean with it’s mean mug on. I also thought that because it looked so evil, I somehow was going to wake up possessed or some shit a la Midsommar.

Though the thought of an uncooked Monk fish still makes my skin crawl, I would definitely eat it again. As long as I’m not the one who has to cook it… nevertheless I definitely would try it again, and suggest you do too!

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