Elite Urbanite Tried It: Color Me Mine! (FINALLY)

elite urbanite tried it: color me mine!

Since I have lived in California (EIGHT YEARS!) I have been wanting to go to Color Me Mine. I’m a big kid at heart, so a lot of acquaintances in the past who *thought* they were adults felt as though they were too cool to go paint on the weekends. Honestly, I much rather be “uncool” and paint a ceramic unicorn than be “cool” and have everyone in LA know what the inside of my vagene looks like. But, different strokes for different folks I guess… (in this instance, I much rather brush paint strokes than get a few weak strokes from someones dusty son). OK anyway, back to what I was talking about… LOL.

One weekend I was feeling a bit down and was looking for something both cost effective and fun to do. When I was at my parents house, there was a Color Me Mine right around the corner, calling upon me everyday, mocking me if you will. Then, low and behold… I’m driving around, running errands, and BOOM! There is also a Color Me Mine right around the corner from my apartment! *Cue Hallelujah* So I came home, quickly got changed and got hyped for my solo date night at Color Me Mine!

Let me tell ya, I am SO glad I went. I’m sure most people are uncomfortable with doing things alone, but I genuinely love it. It was such a peaceful experience. I went a little too close to closing time, so the perfectionist in me was disappointed that I had to rush at the end. I actually made the guy stay 15 minutes past closing time, sorry dude. But, now I have this wonderful addition to my (already quite busy) apartment… Meet Mystery!

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  1. I went to one of these shops to create a class project for a school auction. We created a custom dish set. I’m not really artsy but it was a cool experience and it helped raise money for a great cause.

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