The Best Shows I Binged So Far


Well, I’ve certainly had a lot of time on my hands this past year. Besides taking the time to better myself and all that jazz (blah, blah, blah)… I watched a shitload of TV. I’m typically not a big binge watcher, but like what the hell else am I supposed to do watch paint dry???

I’m sure for some of these shows I’m a bit late to the party (sue me), and for some of the others, a lot of y’all probably haven’t even heard of. Who knows, maybe after reading this list you’ll find a new favorite tv show! Though I watched a LOT of tv, I’ve narrowed down which shows I enjoyed the most. Check it out below – (don’t worry no spoilers!)

SUCCESSION – OKAY everyone around me knows that this is my new favorite show. I cannot stop talking about Succession. A few of my former co-workers had actually told me to watch this last year, but for some reason I just kept forgetting to tune in. I don’t know why but I can never remember to watch these HBO shows! I looove this show because it is fast paced and intense, but at the same time absolutely hysterical. The show centers on the “Roy” family and the patriarch’s plans to figure out who in his inner circle will ultimately succeed the company. Though Succession touches on elements such as substance abuse and family traumas, my favorite parts are when Tom and Gregg are on screen together! Who can forget classic lines such as “You can’t make a Tomlette without breaking a few Greggs” or “We Hear For You”. Also Nicholas Braun aka “Cousin Gregg” is my boyfriend in my head.

BOJACK HORSEMAN – Even though Bojack Horseman is a cartoon, it deals with some real deep shit. There were even times that I had to take a break from watching it because it was a bit triggering. For background, the main character, Bojack, is a down on his luck 80’s sitcom star who is trying to repair his career. A career that he destroyed on his own due to his bouts with depression, anxiety, drug abuse, and alcoholism. In the start of the show, it seems as though Bojack is just like any other washed up Hollywood asshole, but as the series goes on we learn more about why he is the way he is and that it’s never to late for second chances.

THE UNDOING – This show was fucking bonkers! The Undoing just came out on HBO Max back in October so there’s still time to catch up without being too behind. Hugh Grant and Nicole Kidman play husband and wife in this thriller filled with twists and turns. They live a perfect life with their son in the Upper East Side of Manhattan and work as an Oncologist and a Therapist. I mean just fabulous! However, like most thrillers… was it all *really* perfect? I won’t give away any more deets, but this show is a perfect example of how you never truly know someone as much as you think you do.

UNSOLVED MYSTERIES – I’m the biggest chicken in the world so I’m not even sure why I watched this show to begin with. I usually do enjoy a good crime show or mystery series, because I know they find the culprit at the end. As the name suggests, in this series… THEY DO NOT! Which makes it all the more frightening. To be fair, a lot of the cases are pretty unique and specific to the individual. However, there were a few episodes that had me boarding up my windows and doors.

THE IMAGINEERING STORY – Because I am a big kid stuck in a small adult’s body, I freaking LOVE Disneyland. It’s one of the first places I’ll be going when the world is officially safe to inhabit again. For those who are unfamiliar, an Imagineer is what they call the people who conceptualize the Disney parks. Obviously building a theme park is no easy feat, but seeing just how detail oriented this group of people have been over the past sixty-six years is completely awe inspiring. Definitely a must watch!

THE LAST DANCE – So, I was a wee child during the infamous Bulls era. Actually I wasn’t even alive for a good majority of it. However! I do remember all the hype and hoopla surrounding the pop culture phenomenon that is Michael Jordan. And of course, I love Space Jam. But what do I love more than any of that? DENNIS RODMAN! Though I’m not the biggest sports junkie, I do love how important this era was to pop culture and how much it changed the game of basketball forever. Tbh I got emotional watching that final game (like I didn’t already know how it ended) because they just showed so much heart and team work. Ugh, I can watch this one over and over again.

BILLY ON THE STREET – This web series originally started on Funny or Die back in 2011, but recently they’ve put it all on Netflix! My mom hates this show, but I love how absolutely ridiculous it is. Comedian Billy Eichner runs (yes runs) around New York City asking the nearest passerby the most ridiculous questions for a chance to win some money. And as many of you know, New Yorkers don’t have the patience for that shit. Which makes it even funnier. Sometime’s he’ll be with mega stars, and sometime’s he’ll be dressed up as C3PO. You never know what to expect when watching Billy on the Street.

THE DARK SIDE OF THE RING – To be completely clear I do not watch WWE. Especially not anything past the late 90’s. I always admired the pop culture connection between wrestling icons like Hulk Hogan, Macho Man Randy Savage, and The Rock but, I never knew how dark and twisted the wrestling world was behind the scene. For such a fun and outrageous sport, there is a lot of evil shit that goes down once the show is over. If you enjoy pop culture and murder mysteries, this is a great show to binge. Also no prior wrestling knowledge is required.

THE MANDALORIAN – I am a HUGE Star Wars fan. I mean I have a Darth Vader tattoo for christ’s sake. However, I HATED these last two Star Wars sequel movies and I’m not the biggest fan of the prequels. I can watch the original trilogy all the way through, and have, countless times. Thankfully, The Mandalorian truly makes up for the shitty movies that came after the originals and even evokes that feeling and incorporates elements of the classic Star Wars style. Also I think it’s so awesome that Jon Favreau has gained so much success and respect as a director, I feel like a proud parent. I can’t wait to see what he does with all the other Star Wars series spin offs.

THE OFFICE – If you don’t know what The Office is… get off my blog NOW! I’ve watched The Office dozens of times, but I just wanted to binge all nine seasons before Netflix took it away from us forever (because I’m not downloading Peacock).

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