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I come from a family where even though they aren’t necessarily “Holy Rollers”, they definitely believe that G-d will pray everything away. Ironically I have been trying to “pray away” my crippling anxiety to no avail. But I’ll let y’all debate on that one on your own. That brings me to my true lord and savior Sweet Mary Jane, aka Marijuana. Again, my parents are the type that still think that marijuana is the devil’s lettuce, well call me the devil’s dame because this sh*t works for me! I’m not much of a drinker, maybe on the weekends I’ll treat myself to a glass (or two…) of Prosecco. Or if I go to a bar my limit is 2-3 vodka cran’s (yes basic AF, I know). However, one thing I always bring to the function is a joint. Not because I’m looking to get “lit”, but because it loosens me up a bit and helps me with my social anxiety.

However, one issue I kept running into was stress at work and day to day life. I know weed is very common now, however working in a corporate environment, I don’t particularly feel comfortable showing up every day smelling like Bob Marley’s basement. I’ve always been told that CBD products are a helpful solution, but as someone who experiences bad allergic reactions to nearly everything, it was difficult to find the perfect product. That is, until I found Chill Mary!

Chill Mary is a company started by Kimberly Crooks, a young black woman in her twenties, who like me, struggled with anxiety in a very fast paced work environment. As you can see in the photo above, Kimberly aka Chill Mary’s products are so “aesthetically pleasing”, I mean just look at the way it’s glowing with my little plants outside! And they’re also small enough to put in your purse or backpack. I love the fact that her products are vegan and non-toxic, because that’s extremely important to me! We’ve only got one body, so it doesn’t matter how young you are it’s important to pay attention to what you put in it. I don’t go around boasting that I’m soOoOoOo healthy but in reality, I am. I really take into consideration what products I use inside and outside of my body. In my search to find the perfect CBD products, I came across so many products with too many strange ingredients and some that hadn’t even been tested in a lab. I mean sheesh! Luckily, all of Chill Mary’s products are “curated with quality non-toxic, sustainable and vegan ingredients” as well as lab tested. Girl take all my money now! I’m never using anything else!!! In fact, I have been using the “Ease Me” Wellness Tincture every. single. day. My life has already improved so much. I love that it’s light and airy, but still does the job… (if ya know what I mean! *wink wink*). This product only has a few simple ingredients, which is exactly what I’ve been looking for; Organic Coconut Oil (MCT), Full Spectrum Hemp-derived CBD Oil. The Ease Me tincture is good for a few things, in Chill Mary’s description she approves this product for; “moments of anxiety, body recovery, restless nights, stress and when you wish people would say less.” LOL! As someone who is also very active, I feel the recovery after my workouts has been so much better. I’ve definitely been experiencing less pain during my workouts as well. My knees say “thank you Chill Mary!” Also, has someone who mumbles “shut the F up” several times a day, this product is perfect for me.

Another product I love is the “Best Bud” Facial Oil. As someone who suffers from very cystic acne, I’m always hesitant to try out new things in fear of getting an adverse and extreme reaction. Chill Mary strikes again, because I absolutely adore what this product has done for my skin! As I mentioned before, I love sticking to natural products when it comes to my body. Just like the things we consume, SO many beauty products have a bunch of ingredients we can’t even pronounce, that don’t even work! The “Best Bud” Facial Oil is made of Rosehip Seed Oil, Sunflower Oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil (MCT), Hemp Seed Oil, Cranberry Oil, Grapefruit Oil, Carrot Seed Oil,  Full Spectrum Hemp-derived CBD Oil, Pomegranate Seed Oil, Rosemary Oil, Tea Tree Oil and Rose Buds. Now I know y’all can pronounce those! When is comes to skincare, there also aren’t a lot of products out there that tend to black women’s skin the way it should. The Best Bud Facial Oil has my melanin poppin okay hunnnnny! There’s even a nice little shimmer tint in this product which is so fabulous. Chile I cannot wait to show it off when the world opens back up again!

What also drew me to this company was the fact that Chill Mary is a BLACK and FEMALE owned business! Weed and CBD is nothing new to the black community. We’ve known about the positive effects of weed since the beginning of time. Ironically now that it’s legal, it’s a majority white dominated industry. So when I found out my good sis Chill Mary was a black woman, she had my FULL support. Besides the relationship between black people and the decriminalization of marijuana, it’s also just difficult overall for women, especially black women, to be taken seriously as business owners. Which is a crock of horsesh*t because we put in the most work. Anytime I see a black woman doing her thing in the business world, I will ALWAYS give my support because I know first hand how discouraging it can be. Which is exactly why you should go purchase Chill Mary’s products, I know she’s definitely got a lifelong customer out of me!

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  1. I’d like to learn more about Chill Mary and CBD products in general.
    Sidebar: As time goes on you’ll see exactly why prayer and God are so important in Thur family. Their testimony is real.
    Marijuana definitely has positives and negatives. It’s addictive and the reason why some users are lazy losers. The healing that it does for some ailments is a plus. Don’t count us elders out. We know some things and gateway drugs and the problems they’ve caused are also very real and damaging. Everything in moderation

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