Elite Urbanite’s X-mas Playlist


Y’all it’s been a tough year… I mean words can’t describe all the stupid shit I’ve been through. IG changed it’s policies making it more difficult for me to build my brand the way I’d like to, I talked to a guy for months, who ended up being a selfish fucking twat, I’ve been out of a job since March like most, but I mean… Christmas is finally here so… yay?

Idk, Halloween is more my jam. I’ve never really been big on Christmas. Not to sound like a freaking Hallmark movie, but I feel like people really miss out on the true meaning of the holiday. People think by getting their “loved ones” a new Bentley Truck or a Birken bag, somehow they’ll forget about all the stupid shit they did the other 364 days of the year. Or people spend a shitload of money on a Peloton or useless Apple products like an iPad that don’t even end up getting used after 3 months.

I love getting people gifts that are actually useful. Like last year, I got my mom a Click and Grow Smart Garden, where she can grow and make her own mint and basil cause she had been talking about how much she wanted to grow her own garden but never had the time. Christmas to me should be a reflection of your observation about the people around you and your capability to understand what they might need at that time or something that would be really meaningful to them. People always think my dad wants some sort of masculine gift like golf balls or cigars, but I know deep down inside he’s just a big kid so I often get him some sort of Star Wars or Superman memorabilia cause I know he’ll really appreciate it.

Now that I sound like the fucking grinch, I guess I should say a few positive things LOL… I do love Christmas music! Not the old funky white man songs or the corny ass Pentatonic songs you hear in Macy’s. I love a good mix of the classics for sentimental reasons, as well as some of the newer Christmas songs that artists of all different genres have created. That being said, take a look at my list of Christmas songs below if you wanna hear some new and exciting Christmas bops!

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