When Did It Become Beauty Over Health?

When Did It Become Beauty Over Health?

At this point, I’d say every 3 out of 4 people has gotten plastic surgery, even if it’s something relatively minor. I have no issues with someone wanting to change their appearance to help boost their confidence. I’ll be the first to admit that I hate these giant “fun bags” I have attached to my body. However, we could all agree that people often take plastic surgery to the extreme. It’s to the point that people are trying to reach beauty standards that are extremely unhealthy and unattainable. What’s even crazier to me, is that most of the time it’s much easier for someone to get approved for a plastic surgery procedure than it is to get coverage to treat a life threatening health issue.

A dear family friend of mine has battled cancer TWICE. Luckily she has also beaten it twice, but each time she has also had to battle her insurance company for coverage. Meanwhile, I know several people who haven’t worked out a day in their lives or even held a job get approved for a whole body make over… tummy tuck, liposuction, facial reconstruction, everything… MAKE IT MAKE SENSE! I am all for feeling confident and people doing what makes them happy, but I’d like to believe that LIVING should be number one on that list. Because honestly, those people I know will NEVER be happy on the inside. Sure they may flaunt their new bodies on Instagram and pretend to be more confident, but everything else around them will still be the same.

Meanwhile, I ENVY how much my family friend lives her life to the fullest. She is always traveling to a new country every week. One week we’ll call her and she’ll be in Japan, then a few days later when we ask how Japan is going, and she’ll turn around and be in Cuba! She has always been such a bright light and an ambitious woman, it’s unfair to think her life may have been cut short.

Even I had a health scare of my own. I spent a year in and out of the doctor’s office trying to get a diagnosis for a lump that was eventually discovered to be a tumor. I’m grateful that it ended up being benign, but the process to find that answer was no easy feat. Because I had to visit several different types of doctors and get MRI’s to narrow down the numerous possibilities, not everyone took my insurance. Even taking off of work was frustrating because I only had a certain amount of paid sick days available. I ended up getting my operation a few days before Christmas, so I could get as much time off as possible. Thank goodness the surgeon was even available during that time, because there was a small window of time for me to get it done, otherwise my insurance would no longer cover it. Ironically, the day I checked in for my surgery I was told that my procedure wasn’t even completely covered. The fucking day of… was anyone going to tell me??? Unfortunately it was now or never, because the type of tumor I had would have kept growing for years which would’ve created even more issues for me.

It’s frustrating that the type of people I see getting unnecessary cosmetic surgeries all fit the same stereotype. Most of them are “influencers” with no real jobs besides flaunting their bodies. It’s different for women to enhance their body in ways that will improve their confidence about themselves, but I feel like most of these surgeries are only done to appease the male gaze. Some of these wealthy men even willingly pay for these ridiculous procedures. I get the constant patients bring in millions for these Plastic Surgeons, but it’s disgusting that society fuels this. I’m so tired of seeing people sprinting to get surgery every other week, meanwhile there are people who wait years for kidneys or have to spend their entire life savings to stay alive. And sadly it’s because society values beauty over health.

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