Ayesha Curry’s Cook Book “The Full Plate”

Ayesha Curry’s Cook Book “The Full Plate”

If you’re like me, you’ve ran out of things to cook and are tired of eating the same shit over and over again. I am also a weakling and am allergic to all things dairy and tree nut related, so that doesn’t give me many options (thanks immune system)…

So once I saw Ayesha Curry announce she was releasing a cook book I preordered that sucker back in June! And boy am I glad I did!!! The title of her cook book is “The Full Plate” because as a mom of three and wife to superstar NBA player Steph Curry, she doesn’t have much time to cook elaborate meals. I don’t have any kids nor am I married, but I am something even better, a lazy single 25 year old woman!

For starters, I was thrilled to see all of the different drink recipes in the book. I typically stick to my cranberry and vodka or my prosecco, but I think the quarantine is a good excuse for me to test out my bartending skills. I’m most excited to try out the “Dirty Flower”, which consists of bourbon, creme de violette, lemon juice, and cherry syrup. As well as the “Jamaican Mama”, which has rum, cognac, orange juice, lime juice, grenadine, with aromatic bitters and cinnamon for extra flavor. I also can’t wait to try out different meals such as citrus glazed salmon, grilled corn salad, tomato & tomatillo soup, and lamb loins with a side of sweet potato mash. YUUUUMMMM! If you’re looking for some quick, yet flavorful meals… go out and buy The Full Plate now!

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