Ladies Only


Cardi B’s new single featuring Megan Thee Stallion has really shaken up the world! Plenty of women are seeing it as empowering and relieving to hear women talk about what they want in the bedroom. On the other hand, conservatives are trying to get the song banned. I saw a post on instagram that said “If your p**sy is dry just say that”, and I mean seriously… what is the big deal? People like this want to act like their so innocent but then are into dressing like furries, bdsm, or some bizarre sh*t like that. Even men are complaining about the raunchiness of the song, meanwhile they’re on tinder looking for girls with W.A.P.’s.

SO in the spirit of all the hoopla, I made this playlist full of some of the raunchiest songs made by the best female rappers in the past, present, and future. LADIES… put on this playlist and let your freak flag fly, because if the men can do it, why can’t we?! Check it out below!

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