Happy Birthday Andy Warhol!


I first heard of Andy Warhol during one of my middle school art classes. I LOVE bright colors, so I was enamored by his style of work because it was so different than anything I had ever seen. For years we were always shown more renaissance artists like Da Vinci and Michelangelo, this was a welcome change!

Once I did my research, I loved Andy Warhol the artist and the person. Warhol had a way of combining pop culture and consumerism in an innovative way that captured the world, and even caused a bit of controversy. His work led him to become a prominent figure in the artistic movement and cultural boom called “pop art”. As someone who is so infatuated with pop culture, Warhol has served as an influence in my life for quite some time. Andy Warhol would bring together drag queens, intellectuals, hipsters, and Hollywood stars in his NYC Studio, The Factory, long before it was “cool”.

If Warhol were still alive, today would have been his 92nd birthday! Though he passed in 1987, his legacy has and will continue to live on for decades. Take a look at his most famous and influential works of art below!

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