El Tejano


My quarantine situation isn’t too bad. I’ve got everything I need, food, workout videos, Netflix, etc. But some days I’m so eager to go meet my friends at the bar and throw back some drinks! It’s one of the best ways to de-stress in my opinion. When I was living at my parents house, I was so far away from all the bars that my friends were regulars at every weekend, so it was always hard for me to hangout. Now that I’ve moved, I’m just a quick 10 min away from everyone and everything! Howeverrrrrr we are in month 38409238 of quarantine, so I haven’t even been able to appreciate my proximity to all these fun places. Sad times.

Hands down my FAVORITE bar in the area is El Tejano. It’s spacious, has great music, fun games to play, and most importantly, the food drinks are amaaaaazing! Needless to say, I was thrilled when I found out this North Hollywood hotspot was only a seven minute drive away from my apartment!

Looking at the menu, one would think the food and drinks are a bit pricey. But once they bring out the HUGE servings, you’ll realize you’re getting your money’s worth. I know some places are open to guests, but I’d rather stay home and be safe in my own apartment for now. However, as soon as the coast is clear… I’m SPRINTING to El Tejano!

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