Decorating My First Apartment!


Hey MTV, welcome to my crib! After 25 LOOOOONG years, I finally got my own place… woo! I love my parents dearly, but after a while this bird needed to fly the coop. So far it’s been pretty awesome living alone. But the most exciting part is finally to being able to express myself and decorate in my own style.

When I moved in way back in January, I was eager to finally host some dinner parties and game nights! Howeverrrrr… less than two months later good ol’ Coronavirus came into town and hasn’t left since.

While it sucks that I haven’t been able to show off my place, all of the extra time has allowed me to take my time and pay attention to every detail. I think my apartment decor is really a true reflection of who I am. Very eccentric, yet chic! Certain pieces like my bedroom and living room set I either already had or was keeping in storage so that was easy. Shockingly, 90% of the rest of the furniture and decorations all came from Amazon! Take a look at some before and after photos below. Featuring the best model in town, my pup Ozzy.



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