I am still blown away by Beyonce’s visual album, BLACK IS KING, on Disney Plus. If you haven’t watched it yet… stop what you’re doing and go watch it right now!

Beyonce never misses (obviously, she is perfection). The mixture of stunning visuals, upbeat music, and celebration of black culture makes for an overall powerful experience that everyone should be a part of.

BLACK IS KING is Beyonce’s retelling of the film, The Lion King, from the point of view of a young black boy. She previously released an album when the live action movie came out in 2019, but decided to bless us with the deluxe version. I really love how Beyonce mixed elements of afrobeat into this album. A few of my favorites are Find Your Way Back, Ja Ara E, Already, My Power, Mood 4 Eva and Nile. I also thought it was great to see Beyonce to acknowledge black artists from different regions such as Burna Boy, WizKid, Shatta Wale, Oumou Sangare, Moonchild Sanelly, and Yemi Alade. You can listen to the whole album below!

Not only was the music fantastic, but so were the visuals! The film was filled with bright colors, stunning symmetry, and plenty of homages to black history. At one point Beyonce was literally swimming with synchronized swimmers, came up from the water and was STILL FLAWLESS. HOW??? (I even wrote in my notes “how do you come up from the water and still look good???”). I’ve included some of my favorite visuals below as well.

We also got to see several special appearances from Kelly Rowland, Pharrell, Naomi Campbell, Lupita Nyongo. We even get to see Jay-Z, Miss Tina, Blue Ivy, Rumi, and Sir who she actually dedicated the film to!

My favorite part of the film was the constant gems that were dropped. A few that really stuck out to me were; “step into your essence”, “we were beauty before they knew what beauty was”, and lastly “something about walking in the room with your head high and not disrespecting your crown by bowing your neck”. It’s SO important for black people to hear these affirmations, because we are constantly being torn down. With everything going on in the world it was really uplifting to see black culture be shown in such an artistic and appreciative way.


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