OOMPH Kickboxing + Fitness APP


Once my initial fears of the pandemic began to subside, I started wondering how on earth I would stay fit now that the gyms are closed. I tried a few different apps, but honestly they all were a bit dated. Fitness is important to me not just for physical reasons, but for mental reasons as well. There are some days were I’m overwhelmed and don’t really feel like working out, but after I do I honestly feel so much better. Certain days when I’m feeling low, a good workout really boosts my mood. Exercise truly gives me peace of mind.

So once I realized that I would no longer have that at my luxury, I needed to find some options. I tried a few different apps, but they all felt pretty dated. I like to hike, but I’m not someone who will just go out on a run (plus these boobs don’t want to see me be great). So I was really having difficulties trying to find a high intensity workout that matched what I had been doing pre-lockdown. That is, until I came across the OOMPH Kickboxing Fitness app!

I LOVE this app! At first I was a bit reluctant to workout on such a small screen, but it’s truly worth it. OOMPH has their own playlists for you to use, or you can connect your Apple Music and make your own! There also is a new workout almost everyday. Monday you might be focusing on jabs and crosses, and Tuesday might be squats and lunges. Another fun thing about the app is that after every six weeks, you move up a belt. I started as a white belt, and now I’m almost at my orange belt! OOMPH is also the perfect app during this lockdown, because you can take it anywhere and it doesn’t require any additional equipment. Whether you decide to go back home and visit family, or are simply just hiding from your roommate, it’s the perfect portable exercise app. I highly recommend downloading OOMPH, it’s a great way to keep fit or to get a jumpstart on your fitness journey!

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