Is Monogamy Dead?


Well I certainly hope not! But it sure seems like it is.

I don’t really get out much. Before the pandemic I was always working and then was busy trying to keep my life together on the weekends. As a result of that, online dating has been my only option. Throughout the years I’ve been on some dates here and there, but nothing serious has ever come out it. Sure I’ll admit some situations were due to me putting the pressure on people, but honestly it was just me asking for the respect I deserve. For some reason, all of these guys think they can have their cake and eat it too, and I’m at my wits end.

Just this week I’ve seen four profiles saying they were in open relationships, and TBH that’ll never be an option for me. Since I was a child, I’ve dreamed of having a relationship like my parents. Throughout their 27 years of marriage they’ve supported one another through the good and bad. They met through my uncle (my mom’s brother) and dated for 2 years prior to getting married. Yes, I know times are ~different~ but this has always been my standard for my entire life, so I don’t plan on changing it.

At the same time, these guys need to give me something to work with! People don’t want to settle down, but expect you to change or compromise (for their benefit) and do “wifey-esque” things. NO. People want to be married and legally commit themselves to one person, but then want to be on dating apps trying to f*ck the hottest thing they can get… as well as their wife. NOPE!

I’m all for people expressing love in their own way, but it seems like everyone’s doing everything but committing themselves to one person. And let’s be real, I definitely am not interested in becoming someone’s side piece. Ever. Monogamy to me, means having a life partner. But because people think the grass is greener on the other side, the concept of “monogamy” has been seriously skewed. One of the excuses I’ve heard, is that people don’t want to sleep with one person for the rest of their lives. YAWN. Life isn’t just about sex, but because of what we see in the media people think it is. It seem’s like people’s goal is just to get the most notches on their belt. Eventually that chase gets old and it’s in our nature to want to settle down with one single person. Penguins do it, seahorses do it, heck even vultures do it.

Don’t get me wrong though I envision marriage in my future, but I’m still pretty young. I have time before I find “the one”. Truthfully, I’m not even interested in having some huge spectacle of a wedding. I just want to find someone who loves me for me, and wants to build a future with just me without any question. These days I only see that very far and few in between. Though it seems like monogamy is dead, I truly hope there’s someone out there who still believes in it as much as I do.

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