Ditch Your Fake Friends


“You in danger girl” – The Queen, Whoopi Goldberg

Just because that person is always around you, doesn’t mean they’re really your friend. Sure they may like to party with you and tell you alllll about their so-called problems, but do they even know your middle name?

People are quick to call others their “friends”, when they really aren’t deserving of that title. Even I’ve been guilty of that. Often time people are motivated to be someone’s friend not because they seem like a good person, but because they have something to offer them. I’m often referred to as standoffish because I am so hyper aware of this. So often people will try to use me or my family because of what we have access to (especially here in LA). Sure, I can surround myself with leeches, but I’d rather use my energy to nurture real friendships than surround myself with people who don’t have my best interest at heart. Still don’t understand? I’ll give you a few examples.

When my brother was involved in an auto accident, which was in no way shape or form his fault, only one friend came to visit him. Just ONE out of his “group” of friends. These same friends who he would allow to help on different projects and to be a part of his life said that it was “karma” that the situation occurred. Disgusting. (They can still see these hands). Another person I know constantly discredited the co workers I would hang out with, saying I could “do better”. Apparently their version of better means doing drugs, sleeping around for clout, and being used as an ATM machine for their “friends”. To each their own I guess… These “friends” don’t care what happens to you once they’ve gotten what they want. Even more so, if they don’t get what they want or you decide to stop allowing them to use you, they feel as though there is hell to pay and want to seek revenge.

I’ve actually met my closest friends as a result of being around these fake friends. So I feel as though maybe that’s the reason they were brought into my life, and not to make some sort of long lasting friendship.

I met one of my best friends ten years ago working at a summer camp, ironically I applied for the job with someone who I thought was my best friend at the time. About three years ago, I went out for halloween with someone who I thought was a close friend at the time. She left me for some guy in the club, and the group we came with all went home early. One person stayed with me until I reconnected with my “friend” hours later. I haven’t spoken to club girl in years, but the girl who stayed with me that night is one of my most genuine friends. Someone else I was friends with, would constantly demean my interests, which didn’t always align with theirs. One day I knocked on the door to introduce myself to her new roommate who had just transferred, and we’ve been friends ever since. We have so much in common, we’re like the same person! And finally, I was friends with someone who was never there for me like I was for them. That person eventually became envious of the fact that I began to hang out with “her” friends. One of the main people she was most infatuated with, has become a great friend of mine despite all the bullsh** that other person caused. Oddly enough, I have more in common with him than I do with the person who I considered my “friend”.

That being said, people come into our lives for different reasons. Sometimes they’re there to teach a lesson, or they can even serve as a gateway and bring a good person into your life. What’s most important is that you realize who’s really there for you and who has your best interest at heart. So once more I digress, ditch those fake friends… because they don’t give a sh*t about you.

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