Westworld III!

The trailer just dropped for the third season of Westworld! Coincidentally my brother had asked me on Saturday if Westworld was ever coming back, I guess we’ve got our answer. If you have not yet seen or even heard of Westworld, you are missing out. Now that Game of Thrones is over I’m excited to get back into another incredible show.

The plot is derived from the 1973 sci-fi Western movie of the same name. The first season had similar characteristics to the movie, it focused mainly on saloons and cowboys, but the second season broadened it’s horizons and spread out to different “worlds”. It looks like they will be expanding further in season three!

The newest season does not come out until 2020, which gives me and other fans of the show plenty of time to catch up on the episodes. I am a huge fan of the Nolan Brothers work so I am excited to see where they take the next season. Take a look at the trailer here: Westworld III.

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