Healthy Alternatives: Lentil Pasta!

I’m a New York girl at heart so I looove me some pasta… well all carbs, but especially pasta! I can eat pasta everyday and any way, but unfortunately that won’t keep my waistline slim for too long. Luckily there are options out there that taste delicious and are also healthy!

While there are so many different kinds of alternatives to pasta out there, my favorite is Lentil Pasta. In my opinion this tastes most like pasta, whereas some others may still contain a strong flavor from their initial ingredients. For example Spaghetti squash or “Zoodles” (aka Zucchini noodles). Don’t get me wrong they both taste great, however they still taste like vegetables and might have you still craving the intoxicating taste of pasta.

There are plenty of different brands of Lentil pasta that you can find at the store such as POW, but my favorite is TOLERANT. Their Lentil Pasta is included in their “Simply Legumes” products and only contains one ingredient… Lentils! All of their products are sourced from Canada or Turkey and are made in an 100% allergen free facility. This is great for someone like me with plenty of allergies.

Aside from just being healthier based on the fact it is made from pure “Legumes”, there is also more protein found Lentil Pasta.  In a 3oz plate of Lentil pasta, there are about 22 grams of protein as opposed to a 3oz plate of White Pasta, there are only about 3.5 grams. So if you are following a specific diet, good news, Lentil pasta also is Gluten Free and Keto friendly!

If you’re tired of eating salads and missing Pasta in your life, give Red Lentil Pasta a try!

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