I finally got around to watch the “Beyoncé: HΘMΣCΘMING”. As I mentioned before I was supposed to go to Beychella… but my brother bailed smh. Anyway. I always admire Beyoncé’s hard work ethic, but she put in EXTRA work to pull of this historic Coachella performance.

She easily could have given us a Beyoncé show (which is always amazing) but her vision was to bring our culture to Coachella. She was originally scheduled to perform at the festival in 2017, but she got pregnant… with twins! Beyoncé knew that after having to reschedule her performance and giving birth to twins this would have to be the performance of her life. On top of all of that Beyoncé was the first black woman to headline Coachella, so there was even more pressure on her! “Ain’t that a b*tch?!”

She mentioned in her documentary that this was the hardest she has EVER pushed herself in her life. Instead of “easily put[ing] on a flower crown”, Beyoncé chose to bring Black culture to the masses. Her vision was to spread the spirit and excitement of Homecoming at Historically Black Colleges and Universities, or HBCU’s. Though she did not attend one herself, she stated that she has always admired the joy and camaraderie involved in HBCU Homecoming.

After having suffered high blood pressure, and many other complications from her pregnancy this in essence was Beyoncé’s Homecoming too. It felt like it was Homecoming for all of us. As Black women we have to put in double, sometimes even triple, the amount of work to be successful. So to see Beyoncé put her blood, sweat, and tears into preparing for this performance was beyond inspiring.

Beyoncé has always been an advocate for representation, especially for women. It was incredible to see that the women dancing with her at Coachella were all shapes, sizes, and colors. Another cool thing to see was that her band was all female! It didn’t matter what they looked like, as long as they can hit the right moves and play the right notes, they’re part of the team. She even brought her girls Destiny’s Child onstage and her sister Solange!

The behind the scenes footage showed how detail oriented and dedicated she was to this performance. Beyoncé cut out meat, fish, bread, air, water… (Kidding! But it was a lot), to get down to the size she wanted. She prepared and practiced for nearly an entire year for this, and it certainly paid off.

Of course in true Beyoncé fashion, she released a “Beyoncé: HΘMΣCΘMING” album as well. She even hosted her own viewing at Grambling State University. According to reports, she has signed on for two more Netflix specials, and I’m thrilled to watch more of Beyoncé’s hard work pay off two more times!

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