Kreation Kafe & Juicery

Kreation Kafe on Abbot Kinney is described as a “cafe & juice bar.” This super-health conscious spot is perfect for brunch – and dog friendly! As soon as you walk in, the faux greenery makes you feel as though you are relaxing in a friend’s backyard. When seated, waiters hand out iPads that contain the full Kreation Kafe menu, which includes acai bowls, wraps, salads, smoothies, and much more. After the initial excitement of being handed an iPad when I went, I eventually decided on a kale wrap with chicken, which was delicious. Before leaving, I got a pressed juice. Being as clumsy as I am, I accidentally spilled the juice all over my shirt. Luckily, the waiter and the owner of the restaurant brought me a club soda and a rag and helped me get the stain out. The hospitality and atmosphere here at Kreation Kafe is very uplifting and relaxing, I will definitely be back soon.

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