Check Yo Health, Before You Wreck Yo Health

I consider myself a healthy person. About seven years ago I made the decision to start eating clean and exercising regularly. Since then my life hasn’t been the same! I went from eating McDonald’s and drinking sodas, to making smoothies and chopping up salads. Of course, I will treat myself to a little cheat meal here and there, but nothing too crazy. You must “treat yo’ self” occasionally!

About four years ago I felt a weird bump on hinge of my jaw underneath my skin. I thought nothing of it, at the time I was twenty-one and in perfect health. When I went in for my yearly dental exam and was told to get it checked out by an oral surgeon. I figured it would probably go away on its own and went on with my life.

Fast forward to spring of 2018. The ½ centimeter bump has now grown to be about 2 centimeters in length. At this point I still figured it was something minor like a cyst that would require a small needle to drain it. Once the dental hygienist saw how much the bump had grown she urged me to visit the oral surgeon.

I made an appointment for the oral surgeon. After taking x-rays of my jaw, I still did not get an answer as to what this bump really was. By the looks on their faces I knew it was not good. 

I grew frustrated going back and forth to the doctor and still being in the dark about what was going on with my body. However, my visit to the Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor was about to change all of that.

He calmly told me that I had a tumor. It felt like time had stopped. Why and how would someone so young and healthy get a tumor? It did not make sense and almost felt unfair.

After getting extensive MRI’s it was confirmed to be a benign tumor in my salivary gland. But it would still require an intense surgery called a “Parotidectomy”(google at your own risk), to have it removed. 

Luckily, my surgery was a success! It has been almost three months, and the only after effects I have is a loss of feeling on my ear lobe (something my doctor had warned me about anyways).

That being said… It is very important to be on top of your health! I thought just because I ate healthy and exercised six days a week I was in perfect health. I was completely wrong!

No matter how healthy you think you may be, leave it to the professionals to determine how healthy you really are!

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