Changing the Perspective: Women in Advertisements

After hearing the plot of the show on an episode of CNN’s The 2000’s, I decided to watch Mad Men on Netflix. I am only on season 2, but from what I can see the female characters on the show balance out the crude remarks their male counterparts often make. I find myself cringing at their behavior, but it is still somewhat of a reality in the year 2019. Though us women are finally in the forefront of different companies and organizations, we still hear the same remarks the boys of Sterling & Cooper made in the sixties and seventies.

Not only were their remarks sexist, but their advertisements were too. They would assume all women had no other aspirations besides being a housewife or would put them in a light were the were only seen as an object. Mad Men of course is a television show, but it is accurate in its display on how women were represented in advertisements in the sixties.

Recently Budweiser, a company that boasts a predominately female marketing team, re-vamped some of their advertisements from the fifties and sixties to reflect women in a more positive light. Monica Rustgi, the VP of Marketing for Budweiser (and long time friend of mine!) spoke to Ad Age about the campaign. “For us, it’s all about using our past to really serve as a launch pad showing women in a more balanced fashion,” Rustgi states.

This is a fantastic move. It is always great to see women reflected in an accurate and relatable point of view. I also believe that this will set off waves for other big brands to move in the same direction. I hope to see more advertisements like this in the near future!

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