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Elite Urbanite Tries Something New: Rage Ground

By Tiffani | April 17, 2021

Elite Urbanite Tries Something New: Rage Ground Remember when we were allowed outside? Me either. There are still a few things I do remember prior to the pandemic. One of them being my time at Rage Round! For my birthday, I often like to something I’ve never done before. I feel like I can go … Continue reading “Elite Urbanite Tries Something New: Rage Ground”

Ozzy’s Pet Playlist

By Tiffani | April 14, 2021

OZZY’S PET PLAYLIST If you know me, you know that there’s not many things I love more than my LITTLE OZZY! I’ve had a few dogs throughout my life, and I hate to play favorites, but Ozzy is the best dog I’ve ever had. When my first dog of my own passed, I was afraid … Continue reading “Ozzy’s Pet Playlist”

My Reduction Story

By Tiffani | April 7, 2021

MY REDUCTION STORY February 8th, 2021 was the day my life changed forever. Every little girl dreams about growing up and growing into their figure. Even as adults, women run to plastic surgeons offices to get a pair of bouncy double D’s. But not this gal. I never really felt comfortable with my curvy figure … Continue reading “My Reduction Story”

Elite Urbanite Tried It… Oak & Poppy!

By Tiffani | April 3, 2021

ELITE URBANITE TRIED IT… OAK & POPPY! As a Sagittarius, I have a natural flair for rebellion and spontaneity. When people ask “why?” I say… “why not?!” So it’s no surprise to anyone close to me that I’ve collected quite a few tattoos and piercings over the years. I got my first piercings when I … Continue reading “Elite Urbanite Tried It… Oak & Poppy!”

Elite Urbanite Tried It: Color Me Mine! (FINALLY)

By Tiffani | March 27, 2021

elite urbanite tried it: color me mine! Since I have lived in California (EIGHT YEARS!) I have been wanting to go to Color Me Mine. I’m a big kid at heart, so a lot of acquaintances in the past who *thought* they were adults felt as though they were too cool to go paint on … Continue reading “Elite Urbanite Tried It: Color Me Mine! (FINALLY)”

Boss B* Highlight: Oluchi Vintage!

By Tiffani | March 22, 2021

BOSS B* HIGHLIGHT: OLUCHI VINTAGE Hello Urbanites! As you’ve seen before, I’ve interviewed fellow boss ladies about their ever growing companies, being that we are still in Women’s History Month, I’m highlighting another black and female owned company, Oluchi Vintage! I have been wanting to get into thrifting for a long time, but I could … Continue reading “Boss B* Highlight: Oluchi Vintage!”


By Tiffani | March 6, 2021

ELITE URBANITE Tried It: CATCH Los angeles Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, I visited your favorite celebrity’s hot spot, CATCH! If you simply google “Celebrities at Catch” pages on pages of results will come up of them walking out of the hotspot looking chic. Even if you follow some of the biggest influencers or celebrities … Continue reading “ELITE URBANITE TRIED IT: Catch Los Angeles!”

On Our Grind, from 9-5!

By Tiffani | February 1, 2021

on our grind, from 9-5! I need to shout out my gal pals real quick because we are having a moment!!!! 2020 was a tough year, but it wasn’t ALL bad. It sucked having my new job be put on hold for SO long, but for some reason in the back of my mind I … Continue reading “On Our Grind, from 9-5!”

Boss B* Highlight! – Chill Mary

By Tiffani | January 25, 2021

I come from a family where even though they aren’t necessarily “Holy Rollers”, they definitely believe that G-d will pray everything away. Ironically I have been trying to “pray away” my crippling anxiety to no avail. But I’ll let y’all debate on that one on your own. That brings me to my true lord and … Continue reading “Boss B* Highlight! – Chill Mary”

Boss B* Highlight: RETRODEO LA by Emily Rose Watkins

By Tiffani | January 18, 2021

Boss B*tch Highlight: Retrodeo La As a female owned brand, I love to shine a light on other women who are on their grind. It’s important that us women support one another in a world that just wants to see us fail! You all know by now, my brand Elite Urbanite is all about being … Continue reading “Boss B* Highlight: RETRODEO LA by Emily Rose Watkins”