Badass Black Women You Should Be Following


We all use social media everyday. Most of the time we see nothing but hateful statements and toxic influencers. Every time I log onto Instagram I see some Karen attacking a Walmart employee or some “model” selling Flat Tummy Tea as if the world wasn’t in complete f*cking chaos.

What I find helpful is following women who’s morals and mindsets align with my own. It’s hard being a black woman, especially during these times. The black lives matter movement is thriving, but black women still aren’t getting recognized. Black mothers are dying every day in childbirth without any explanation. All the while, the world still turns and nobody blinks an eye.

Many white influencers posted a black box and spoke about black lives matter for a week before returning to their regularly scheduled program. However the black women I follow on instagram were discussing topics such as inclusion, diversity in media, interracial relationships, LGBTQ issues, and much more even before the “movement”.

Check out my list below of these badass black women who you should be following ASAP!

Hannah Bronfman is from a wealthy entertainment family background like myself. This comes with it’s own set of difficulties, it’s often hard to fit in to a group because the white wealthy kids typically carry their racist parents ideals and are confused to see black people enjoying the same successes as they do. Hannah has defied the odds and created a brand for herself, she is constantly transparent with her followers about her struggles growing up and learning to love things like her curly hair. Most recently she’s shared stories about her miscarriage and IVF journey.

Marz Lovejoy is my favorite badass tattoo’d momma. For years she’s been a beacon in the fashion and underground music industry and served as a representation of what black culture in media should look like. After having two children of her own, she uses her platform to support black mothers. As I mentioned, black women are at a major disadvantage when it comes to giving birth. Marz constantly spreads awareness and raises money to fight for black women to get better treatment during their pregnancies and can safely deliver children into this world.

I first heard of Kayla Nicole because of her longtime boyfriend, Travis Kelce. Honestly, I am more interested in Kayla’s life than Travis’ now. She is the embodiment of black girl joy. She is always living her best life despite the constant haters and people questioning her relationships. Kayla also has a bangin’ body! Her hashtag #STRONGISSEXY, keeps me motivated to workout even when the last thing I want to do is exercise.

I want Flex Mami (aka Lilian Ahkenhan) to be my best friend!!! For starters Flex is from Australia. From what the media tells us I would not even think people as cool as her lived in Australia. I always thought it was just a bunch of skinny blonde white girls. Flex obviously is aware of that, and uses her platform to speak out on how she is constantly defying the odds and not letting naysayers distract her from her grind.

I used to follow Man Repeller solely for Crystal Anderson’s fashions. She was the only black voice I would see on their platform, so once I grew to learn more about her as an individual I could care less about Man Repeller. Crystal has always used her platform to uplift black women who don’t see themselves being represented in the media and always holds events for black LGBTQ women to thrive in the media without being held back by other predominately white platforms… *cough, cough* Man Repeller.

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