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Fashion Files

Now that spring has arrived, here are a few cute trends I’ll be taking note of! Check them out below! 

  1. I love this bright yellow skirt that @dancingwithflyingcolors is wearing. You can dress it up or even dress it down! 

2. @Abbienaija looks super cute for her day in the park in these flowy striped pants!

3. Who knew Kermit could be so fashionable! @Northofmanhattan looks quite cool in this kermit tee and matching shorts. 

4. @Sara_Luxe looks rock ‘n’ roll glam in this vest and bandanna combination!

5. Kayleigh from both Ex On the Beach UK and MTV’s The Challenge looks spiffy on her night out on the town! 

6. This orange Topshop duster is a great way to add some color to your wardrobe! 

7. I think at this point 75% of my closet is band t-shirts, and I’ll be adding this one to the collection. I love the way @Sarahmian made this Nirvana graphic tee look extra chic.

8. Sami Miro is awesome and this outfit proves just why! She’s got a great sense of style, so much so that she’ll be pairing with @Andresaraviva

9. @Untiltheverytrend looks icy in this all white ensemble! 

10. @Kalynnelizabethsmith added a bit of tomboy flair to this yellow sun dress! 

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