Los Angeles, CA U.S.A.

Chloe Wise: Artist Extraordinaire

I’ve been a fan of Eric Wareheim for quite some time and always enjoy following his escapades on Instagram. In doing so I continued to see the same girl pop up in his videos, named Chloe Wise.

In this world of social media we see a lot of people who kind of just exist. I was over the moon to see she was nothing like that, and had both personality, and purpose! I was especially thrilled to see that she was an extremely talented and witty young female artist. 

My favorite thing about her art is that her humor comes through her pieces. According to Wikipedia “Wise often critiques consumer culture, commercialization, “ideas of ‘wellness'”, and the self-construction of identity. Wise employs comedic, satirical, and self deprecating strategies while using references to art history”. Basically, her subject matter is right up my alley! She is able to accomplish this through various mediums, but works mostly with sculpture and oil on canvas. I admire the fact that she is always herself and translates that into awesome pieces of artwork.

As someone who studied and practiced art for many years, I found it hard to constantly come up with new ideas. With each piece, Chloe hits the nail on the head. They are well understood and fascinating to look at. Though I don’t draw or sculpt much these days, I love to watch Chloe go through her creative process on Instagram. I also love to just watch her daily stories because she is really fun and f**cking hilarous! 

Chloe Wise is on the track to being a huge success, her fresh take on the culture we live in is always exciting. She is one of my favorite people to watch and I’m always to eager to see what she comes up with next! Check out all of her artwork on her website, www.chloewise.com.

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