Los Angeles, CA U.S.A.

Barton G!

It’s ladies night… and the feelings right… so we’re going to Barton G!

When I was younger I went to Barton G in Miami, but when I say younger I was about eight years old. Hence, I do not remember much! But what I do remember, was that there was excitement and cheers throughout the restaurant all night. Luckily so many years later the stars have aligned for there to be a Los Angeles Location near me. So we gave it a try!

Barton G is famous for their wonderfully over the top and “punny” dishes. Often a hot-spot to go to celebrate birthdays or just to have a fun night out with your girls! These extravagant dishes are just bound to put you in a good mood or even make you chuckle a little bit. Not only is the plating amazing, but the taste of the food is even better! 

So obviously, I’m quite a bit older than eight years old… so now I can drink! I ordered the Buddhalicious and my mom ordered the Stairway to Heaven. They were so delicious that they snuck right up on us. 

For our appetizer we ordered the Laughing Bird Popcorn Shrimp. Of course the shrimp were to die for, but even the popcorn was absolutely delicious. Before then I had never even thought of putting Old Bay on my popcorn, now, that will be the only thing I put on my popcorn. 

For Dinner, I decided to get something small. So I ordered the Filet Mignon. A few minutes later here comes my waiter with an ironically large fork for a very small piece of steak! I loved it! 

Most people that come to Barton G come for Marie Antoinette’s head (not literally, a huge cotton candy structure of her head), but we opted to get the Carnival Fun Cakes. They should rename this one to Stairway to Heaven because that first bite of funnel cake took me straight to heaven. They were so good that we couldn’t stop eating them!

I am so glad that this location opened in Los Angeles in 2014, but if you’re ever in Miami or Chicago there are locations there too! If you’re looking for good food and a fun place to go, I highly suggest making a reservation at Barton G.

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