Los Angeles, CA U.S.A.

TOM’s Coffee Shop

As a broke college student, living on campus on the weekends can be rough. If you’re looking for a cool place to study and a change of scenery, TOM’s Flagship Store is the place to go. Located about 10 minutes away from campus on Abbot Kinney, TOM’S Flagship Store is a chill spot to grab coffee (or tea), study, and even shop. There is something for everyone in this surprisingly large coffee shop. They sell cold pressed juices by the company Juice Served Here, Organic Tea and Coffee brewed by the TOM’s brand, as well as a large selection of shoes, sunglasses, and handbags by the brand. The employees here are very friendly and said they would love to see more Loyola Marymount Students come in. As I sat in the coffee shop, I heard music from the likes of Major Lazer, The Beatles, Alabama Shakes, Arctic Monkeys and many other bands that had me constantly re-opening my Shazam app. The rustic decor creates a very comfortable environment, making you feel as if you were in your own living room and the music makes the already chill environment even more effervescent. If you are looking to check out TOM’s Flagship store one weekend I would suggest taking an Uber because parking is minimal. And Venice is definitely a nice place to walk around once you finish up your work. Once you go to TOM’s Flagship Store, you won’t want to leave!

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