Fashion Files

Here are a few of my favorite fashion moments from this week! 

As I said before – I live and breathe cheetah print! So you know this dress caught my eye. But I especially like the way the sneakers and jacket made for a more casual look. 

“J to the L. O. – HELLO! ” Is exactly what I think when I see the ageless Jennifer Lopez in this hot pink coat!

Miley Cyrus looking like she stepped right out of Romy and Michele’s world to come rock ours! 

If it wasn’t already clear… I also love hot pink! So when Dua Lipa is done with this dress I’d like to be buried in it. Such glamour! 

Sunita (@sunitav_) is wearing this rainbow coat magnificently!

Green is my least favorite color, besides orange, but I really like this lime green suit! The graphic t-shirt really brings the outfit together in a nice way (a way that makes me actually like green!) 

Issa went ahead and snatched my wig without ANY warning! This whole photo shoot is to die for, but this photo in particular made me want to go buy a couple of head wraps. 

Imagine hopping off of your private jet and looking this fabulous…. well Kim Kardashian can! KKW is looking ultra fierce in head-to-toe snake print.

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